Aya Corp is a platform that aims to support scientists in the fields of Education and Culture. And focuses on the following fields of activity:


- Strengthening Equality of Opportunity in Education

- Supporting Cultural Diversity

- Making Intercultural and Multicultural Connection Opportunities

- Verbal Analysis Consulting

- Numerical Analysis Consulting

- Multidimensional Analytical Solutions



Some of the active services related to the fields of activity are carried out through the following sites.


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FIELD ONE: Relationship, Differentiation, Scale Development, Experimentel Process Design


Our team is experienced in Qualitative Analysis and makes qualitative data analysis and reporting on documents through Nvivo program, MaxQda and Atlas.ti.


Our team provides support for the quantitative data analysis given below:

1. Through the SPSS program, in the fields of social sciences, science, medical sciences;  relationship, differentiation, cluster analysis is carried out.

2. Through the Amos and Lisrel programs, scale and questionnaire development processes is carried out.

3. EViews, Promethee and similar programs are used to preference analyses

4. In the field of biostatistics, analysis and interpretation as well as detailed processes are supported. Basic statistical analyzes, methods and techniques used in the medical and health sciences and creation, execution and reporting of the research process are supported.

Within this framework, support is provided for prospective processes, case studies, retrospective processes, sampling, observation and other related methods.

Preliminary processes such as data preparation, electronic recording and analysis are followed by statistical analysis processes. In this context, descriptive analysis, as well as relationship and difference analysis with parametric or non-parametric methods, diagnostic tests, logistic analysis, power analysis, cox regression and the like are carried out according to the distribution of data.

5. Experimental process design, data analysis and reporting in line with the request of the researcher, the whole or partial contribution from the beginning of the process is provided.

Professional support is offered in experimental process design, data analysis and reporting.


FIELD TWO: Reporting Services

1. Analyzing the annual and periodical activities of public and private companies in terms of content and application dimensions and reporting them in detail.

2. Qualitative and quantitative analyzes of the data collected by academic staff in scientific studies are made and reported to facilitate the interpretation by academician.

3. Analyzes of the data gathered at the master's and doctoral level are made and the student is helped to present complementary corrections.


FIELD THREE: Typesetting, graphic and proofing services for drafts


Our expert assistant staff, who have many years of experience in graphics, typesetting fields, are provided with typesetting, graphics and correction services for your studies.


FIELD FOUR: Professional presentations with national and international references

1. For private companies, academicians, undergraduate and graduate students,

2. Purchased premium powerpoint presentation drafts;

3. Visualization of annual reports,

4. Preparing oral presentations in congresses, symposiums and other academic meetings,

5. Thesis defenses, homework presentations

6. In line with the selective demand of our customers, premium drafts are prepared in three different categories such as visuality, content and time.